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International Conference (Lecture and students)


International Conference (Lecture and students)

The 1st Unimas International Nursing Students' Conference in Conjuntion with

The 10 INSF in UNIMAS 9-10 March 2019


This event was actually the joint program between the 1st UINSC and the 10th INSF run by the students of UNIMAS (University Malaysia Sarawak) Malaysia. There were about 650 delegates from 17 Universities in ASIA such As : China, Philippine, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Besides the conferences for lecturers and students, the delegates representatives made some discussion about MoU, joint Research and many other things. 

1. Poster Presentation: Khairi Masyitah (Non Reguler Class semester 4)

2. Poster Presentation: Hanafi (Reguler Class/Semester 6)

3. Poster Presentation : Misbah Hayatina (Reguler Class 'Semester 6)

4. Poster Presentation: Gmelina Sari Adha (Reguler Class/Semester 8)

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