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International Collaboration for the conferences Universiti Malaysia Sarawak as Co-Host


International Collaboration for the conferences Universiti Malaysia Sarawak as Co-Host

STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak as part of the 1st INSC and 10th INSF in UNIMAS has sending 7 students and 6 lecturers and staff to join those agenda. This agenda is also part of collaboration between STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak and UNIMAS as written in Memorandum of Understnading (MoU). This agenda also improve the capability and qualitity of lecturers and dtudents in knowledge of nursing research. 

Mr Haryanto as the head of STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak is a invited speaker in  this conference, followed by Mr Mahn Ridlo Ronas, Mr. Gusti Jhoni Putra, Mr. Khrisma Pratama, Mr. Makin and Mr. Suryadi who will continue to discuss about MoU with others country such as Chinna. The students who join conference are Hanafi, Dwiva, Nada Az Zahra, Wanda, Misbah, Khairi Masyita, and Gmelina.

This agenda has been done in DeTAR Putra, UNIMAS on Saturday and Sunday, 9th and 10th March 2019. This agenda divided into big seminar, plenary speakers, and follow with oral presentations and poster presentations.

STIK Muhammadiyah presented 3 oral presentation entitled:

1. The effec of basil leaves on infected wound healinf in Mice Model

2. The effect of dalethyne on reducing the number of bacteria and wound healing in diabetic foot ulccer patients

3. The effect of brin gym on cognitive function among elderly in Posyadu Lansia Borneo Pontianak.

beside the oral presentations, 5 papers also approved in poster presentation as many as 4 papers, there are:

1. Factors affecting pre-marital sexual in Sungai Kakap Village

2. Relationship of Pregnant's fmily with decision making to safe giving birth in Puskesmas Sui Kelambu Tebas distric, Sambas Regency

3. Relatinship between husband support and early detection of cervical cancer among age couple on Iva Method in Clinics Kom Yos Sodarso Pontianak

Hopefully this agenda keep continuing btween 2 institution as part of our relainship to improve the mutual collaboration.

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