International Partnerships

The multinational discussion really happened in UNIMAS during the breaks session of the 10th INSF program. Almost 18 universities from 5 countries were sitting in one of the meeting halls of UNIMAS to discuss the potential of making collaboration with each other. Indonesia was one of the countries that take part in a warm discussion.

UNIMAS was a host of the discussion. The picture above tells about the discussion situation happen on March 10, 2019. Some hot topics were about the mechanism of making MOU, students and Academic Exchange.

Another international partnership made by STIK Muhammadiyah was the joint or double degree with GZUCM (Guang Zhou of Chinese Medicine) from China. Both of us were badly optimistic about that opportunity. But to run it smoothly, we have to consult with our own education department to optimize the education process later on.

From GZUCM: Mr. Rainer Sun, Mr. Song Yang and other two professors. From STIK Muhammadiyah Pontianak; Hariyanto, Ph.D., Suriadi, Ph.D., Gusti Jhoni, M.Kep, and Harisma MSN, and Mr. Rido (hat man) and Mr. Ali MAkin (the photographer)

By. Rido